Persistence in Piano Lessons

“Along with the rest of the Conservatory, the Piano Academy . . . . spotlights one character trait each month – our ‘Virtues for Virtuosos!’ It’s our hope that our students will recognize that the benefits of piano lessons go far beyond the physical ability to play an instrument; studying music can help us become better people in every aspect of our lives. As Henry Ward Beecher once wrote, ‘Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself.’ “(https://utahpianoconservatory.com/composer-of-the-month-and-virtues-for-virtuosos/).



This month’s Virtue for Virtuosos is Persistence:continuing in a course of action despite difficulty or opposition. Ludwig van Beethoven, our composer of the month, persisted in musical composition and performing, despite many obstacles. His music was criticized, his style and performances were unfairly compared with the great musicians Mozart and Haydn, and he became deaf around the age of 30. Yet he is known today as one of the greatest composers and musicians of all time.

As musicians, we will have obstacles. We may feel we struggle at theory, we didn’t perform as well as we wanted to in our recital, or we aren’t progressing as quickly as we want to. We may be tired, hungry, or bored when we come to piano lessons. But if we keep persisting in piano lessons by coming each week, we will be stronger for it. We will be able to face other obstacles in our lives. Keep persisting in piano lessons! If you do, you will look back and be glad you didn’t quit. You will be glad you kept going even though piano lessons were hard sometimes. The reward you receive later is worth the time you put in now! Keep persisting!