Our Standards of Excellence

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The trademark phrase of the Utah Piano Conservatory is “Tuning Hearts Through Music.” Our mission is not just to teach piano lessons, but also to help our students develop and reach their full potential as they study, learn, and practice. But it is not piano lessons themselves that change hearts; it is living the principles of faith and hard work that inspires the students and helps them grow. We have expanded and categorized these principles into one document called our Standards of Excellence, and each student commits to remember these standards as they progress at the Utah Piano Conservatory. Our standards include the following statements:


I am developing talent and testimony

Piano Academy students recognize that their musical talent is a gift from God. Students come to understand their unique opportunity to share their testimony through music.


I am not only a pianist, I am a musician

Piano Academy students become well-rounded, high-caliber musicians who are prepared to serve in Church callings and in their communities for years to come.


I prepare my best for every performance

Piano Academy students perform in formal and informal settings understanding that performance is the highest level of preparation and celebration of musical gifts and talents.  


I practice every day

Piano Academy students understand that daily focused practice is essential to progress. Each returns to weekly lessons prepared for new goals and assignments. Students progress and are rewarded for their achievements.


I am reaching my full musical potential

Parents, teachers, and students partner with God to promote learning on every side. Parents provide lessons and practice time for their children; teachers give feedback, guidance, and inspiration; students multiply their talents through hard work and a willingness to learn.  All three recognize that as they invite God into the learning process, He blesses them with increased ability and a stronger testimony of His love for them.