Our Latest Piano Restoration!

1914 Steger and Sons Upright Piano

Check out our Latest Piano Restoration we just finished this amazing piano for a customer! It was in rough condition when it came in, which is very normal for a piano over a hundred years old. We completely replaced all the hammers, all the dampers, shanks, keys, and re-plated all the hardware and much more. This piano has a powerful projection of sound and we are very happy with how it turned. This family heirloom is ready for another generation of piano players.

Watch the after video on our Latest Piano Restoration!

Here are some pictures of the progress along the way.  These pianos usually need extensive cleaning and this piano was no exception. First, we disassemble the piano and blow out the entire piano and action with compressed air. We also use baking soda to clean the piano throughout. Next, we sand and buff every individual piece, shine and scrub the strings, and clean out the trapwork.

1914 Steger and Sons Upright -Our Latest Piano Restoration 1914 Steger and Sons Action 1914 Steger and Sons pedals

After entirely cleaning out the keybed

1914 Steger and Sons 1914 Steger and Sons - Our latest piano restoration Our Latest Piano Restoration! 1914 Steger and Sons Upright

If you are considering restoring your piano because you have inherited a cherished heirloom piano we’d love to help you! Call our store 801-701-0113 to schedule a time for Brigham to come out and see your piano in person or schedule online. We love bringing these amazing pianos back to life!  Check out our other piano restoration on our blog.