3 of our favorite refinishing projects!

We’ve completed some really fun refinishing projects lately.   They always turn out wonderful and it’s so neat to see the before and afters!  

The first is a Steinway spinet belonging to a customer. 

The next refinishing is this Story and Clark grand. The color was custom picked by a customer.  They went with a “vanilla chai” color that matched their home.  You can pick any custom color for your piano!

Last was a grand piano that came in with a 70’s striped/wood grain and polyester finish and we went with a satin black. 

To go a different color than the original on your piano requires what we call a level 2 refinishing.  It typically takes 6-8 weeks.  First, we sand the piano down to bare wood, take care of any and all scratches, and make sure all the cabinetry is functioning properly.  Then, we replace any knobs/bumpers that are worn and shine up all the exterior hardware.  You can actually pick ANY color you choose for the piano after and it ends up looking 90-95% brand new upon completion. That would also include pick up and delivery in Utah County and we can also refinish the bench to match!

Would you like a free quote on refinishing your piano? Email us a picture of your piano and we will give you a free quote!