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Online Music Theory Resources for Students

Channel your child’s aptitude for video games into learning music theory by trying out the games at some of these sites!

Musictheory.net – tons of FREE online content that is suitable for beginner to advanced. Each exercise is customizable so that you can adapt it to what your child is currently working on (for example, in the “note identification” exercise, you could change the settings to test only lines in the treble clef, or only ledger lines in the bass clef, etc.)

Musictechteacher.com – Over 130 games, worksheets, and quizzes that range from beginner to intermediate level. Includes introductory material for instruments other than the piano. Many of the quizzes feature animated adventures such as “Music Man” and “Word Warrior.”

Theta Music Trainer – Play the first few levels of each game free when you create an account; for further levels, you can purchase access or the app. Features a fun system of earning “belts” when you pass enough levels! Especially good for ear training.

LearnATune – Lots of elementary games available for free, created to help UK students prepare for annual exams. Lots of fun with cute animations! Additional games available for purchase.

Musicca – A free website with theory and ear training exercises, plus you can play “virtual instruments” or a virtual metronome!

Let us know what your favorites are, and we’ll add them to the website!