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Nancy Hanson’s songwriting is simple, honest and from the heart. Her guitar playing and stage presence are strong and compelling. Add a voice that is at once warm and shimmering, and you begin to see and feel the deep talents of this wonderful artist, this painter of ideas. Nancy comes to the stage with a love of music.  At twelve years old she successfully negotiated a deal with her mother to end the piano lessons and pick up the guitar.  Guitar playing came naturally to Nancy as she spent hours learning and playing songs written by her favorite artists.  Her early influences include John Denver, Dan Fogelberg and James Taylor.  She later discovered and was drawn to the great female singer-songwriters such as Nanci Griffith, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin.  Nancy has said, “I think all those years I spent listening to and singing songs by these great artists I was subconsciously learning to write myself”. Nancy worked her way through college playing and singing cover tunes at local clubs and restaurants.  She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and began work as a counselor for troubled children and teens.  In 1993, Nancy began her hand at songwriting—and just one year later was invited to play as a finalist in the Telluride Folk Festival Troubadour Contest in Colorado. 


Craig Miner
Musician and Luthier Craig Miner began playing acoustic instruments at the age of 10.  His professional music career begun the next year. He specializes in banjo, guitar, and mandolin.  He was influenced mostly by bluegrass but has also expanded into other musical territory, creating a unique style.  As a founding member of “Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand” he has traveled the world playing music.  Craig also supports many other acts including Peter Brienholt, Sam Payne, Nancy Hanson, The Nashville Tribute Band, Cold Creek, to name a few. He has an energetic and tasteful style that fits in to many musical situations. He enjoys composing music of his own and builds his own instruments.