“Musical Moments” Adult Music Class Preview

“Musical Moments” for Adult Piano Has both Book I and Book II.  They are both supplemented by “Reflections,” Book I, II, and III.
In the video below, some of the orchestrations from an Adult class II are illustrated.  It is really enjoyable for our adults to be backed by an orchestra as they learn their songs.  This expands their knowledge and skills while exploring new music.  All music is step-by-step and at a very comfortable pace. Some of our adults students have said it is exciting to feel you are playing with a symphony behind you.

One of the main skills we learn in the adult classes is how to play hymns in the “Hymns Made Easy” book.  We learn a new part of a hymn, play a game illustrating it, and then go under headphones to work and learn the part in private.  A teacher assists if needed.  It is easy and fun to learn together.  It has been interesting to observe that the adults in our classes have wanted the main emphasis to be on learning the hymns.  What a joy!