“Musical Moments” Adult Classes

Do you ever say to yourself, “Oh, I wish I kept playing the piano all throughout my life!”?  Now you have the opportunity to rekindle that fire once again through our “Musical Moments” adult piano classes!  Or lets say that you’ve played the piano your whole life and just want more practice and want to have fun, please come and join us!  With a focus on the 1. Hear, 2. Do, 3. See, 4. Label philosophy, it allows students of all skill levels to learn in a fun, interactive environment!  We even add full orchestrations behind each player to make it even more exciting and it will make you feel like you have a full symphony right behind you!

To learn more about this program, please watch the video below:

As mentioned in the video, to sign up call: 801-317-3825 or visit UtahPianoConservatory.com