Music Theory Apps: Tenuto

Music theory is great when you only work on it for 30 minutes a week in our theory lab, BUT practicing it at home throughout the week is even better! How can you do this? Thanks to technology, it’s easy to learn and review music theory concepts at home using a smartphone, iPad, or computer in a fun and engaging way!

One of the apps our students enjoy using in our theory lab is called Tenuto. You can access Tenuto through this link or download the Tenuto app onto any personal device.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can start learning! Tenuto was designed to improve your musicality and is divided into 6 main parts. Within these sections there are various exercises to help meet your needs. The 6 parts are:

  1. Staff Identification: Focuses on where notes are located. Especially helpful for beginning students.
  2. Staff Construction: Lets the student move notes up or down on the staff while adding accidentals.
  3. Keyboard Identification: Just tap the note corresponding to the highlighted piano key.
  4. Fretboard Identification: Similar to keyboard identification. Focuses on fretboard positions.
  5. Ear Training: Helps students learn how to identify chords, notes, and intervals just by hearing.
  6. Calculators: Displays the accidentals, intervals, scales, and/or chords for a note and key.

From learning key signatures, to identifying intervals by ear, to recognizing chords on a keyboard, there’s an exercise for everyone! Explore and find what exercises help you the best!

Keep an eye out for other amazing apps and programs we use in future posts!