Music Classes for Toddlers – Introducing a Circle Dance in Wiggle & Grow Kindermusik Class Today

Circle Dances

Circle dances come from the wonderful tradition of communities dancing together, a tradition which is timeless in origin and yet relevant today in its capacity to foster togetherness. Dancing in a circle actually benefits the mind, body, and spirit.  Miss Marie led her Wiggle and Grow class (for 2 and 3 year old toddlers & preschoolers) today in a very fun Circle Dance!!


“It is a very accessible form of dance for people of all ages and abilities, with the emphasis on participation, not performance” (Michaelsen).

Tips for parents:

Remember the fun of making a circle and singing “Ring Around the Rosie” when you were

a child? That fun lives on nearly every week in a Kindermusik class where we do all kinds of circle and group dances together.

But you don’t have to be in class to enjoy a circle dance – even just two people can make their own circle and dance to their own song or a favorite recording. You’ll still experience the same wonderful benefits whether it’s two or a whole class dancing in a circle together.

That is just what happened in class today… after the circle dance was completed, some of the mamas and toddlers kept dancing on their own.  So many ways to enjoy music…