MMR Featured Our Favorite Piano Line!

The Oyster and Its Pearl—Hailun and The Hailun Grand 178.  The Hailun Grand 178 has received Piano of the Year for the last three years! Christian Wissmuller, Executive Edditor for MMR Magazine, said regarding a past vote,

“This year, Hailun flat-out dominated. . . it was the HG178 grand piano heading to the winner’s circle.”
What accounts for Hailun’s popularity? The article tells how Basilios Strmec, President and Owner of Hailun, explained
“that if there’s one thing that Hailun excels at above all others, it’s the ability to make parts that fit perfectly.”
Innovation, which keeps Hailun thriving in today’s market, and team effort are the principles that contribute to Hailun’s success.
“The key for Hailun was always its ability to bring together a wide variety of experts from across the world,” says Strmec.
Voting for the piano of 2015 is currently taking place.  Please go to MMR voting page, and under Acoustic Piano Line of the Year, please enter “Hailun 178”. [caption id="attachment_16820" align="alignright" width="660"]HG 178 HG 178[/caption] Come by our store to see our selection of this fabulous piano and ask for a demonstration.]]>