Missed Lessons

Piano Academy Missed Lesson Policy

Dear Parents,

We are so grateful to have each of you as a part of our Conservatory Community! We know that our students are involved in many wonderful activities and that sometimes outside circumstances make it impossible to attend every lesson. To help students continue learning throughout the year, we allow make-up lessons year round according to the following policies:

Students may make up lessons missed for any reason other than “I forgot” or “I didn’t feel like attending.”

  • With the exception of illness (severe enough to keep a student home from school), the student/parent must notify UPC 24 hours prior to the missed lesson to be eligible for a make-up. Earlier notice is preferred so that we can make your child’s regular time available for other students.
  • Parents/students are responsible to register for a make-up lesson through MyMusicStaff.
  • Students may make up as many as 2 lessons per month.
  • Scheduled UPC breaks (such as the week of Thanksgiving and the 2-week Christmas break) are built into the tuition schedule and are not eligible for make-up lessons.

The process of scheduling a make-up lesson will be as follows:

  • To notify us of a missed lesson, log in to MyMusicStaff here. You can cancel attendance for the student’s next lesson from the home page, or click on the calendar to cancel a later lesson.
  • From the home page, scroll down to the bottom to find available make-up slots. You can choose one of the first few options, or click “view all” to see them in a calendar view.
  • When canceling and scheduling lessons, make sure to include BOTH the “lesson” and the “theory lab” portions.

We hope that this will be helpful to many of you in ensuring your child’s progress in their musical journey. Sincerely, Utah Piano Conservatory