Meet William: Piano Student and Music Buck Hoarder Extraordinaire!

We had our monthly Music Store last week, and while most students are excited to spend their music bucks for treats and toys, William was EXTRA excited at his piano lesson on Friday. We weren’t sure why, until we realized he had been saving his music bucks for three months and had over $300 in music bucks to spend! Look at all the loot he brought home!

william bag

Besides the fact that he saved a lot of his bucks instead of spending them, William had so many bucks because he’s great at practicing the piano every week! When students come to their lessons at the Piano Academy, they earn up to 5 music bucks from each of their piano teachers (so 15 total each week) for completing their practicing assignments at home. There are also special ways to earn extra music bucks, like double bucks week, completing an entire theory book, or performing a hymn in church for the first time. Then, on the first week of each month, students can choose what to spend their money on. We have everything from treats and snacks to Lego sets, stuffed animals, and even gift cards sometimes! We especially love to see students buying gifts for loved ones for birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays. Check out a few more moments from last week’s store:

josh and luke


Rachel with turtle

William looking

If you think YOUR child would love the music store (and chances are, they would!), feel free to call or email us to set up a time to tour our building in Orem, Utah. We love to share the joy of learning to play the piano!