Meet the Talented Trio at Piano Lessons Today!

Savannah, Jack, and Ryan are siblings. They originally were interested in participating in our Duet Summer Camp. Unfortunately, their schedules didn’t allow participating. However, Lindsay Bastian, their piano teacher, suggested they prepare a trio instead. Ms. Bastian had a book of trios she acquired from a music teachers national convention, and began playing recordings of the pieces. Each of the siblings liked, “Snap, Clap, Boogie” by Melody Bober. Jack and Ryan have been practicing their own parts since June or July, and Savannah began in August. Last week they all put their parts together for the first time during their piano lesson!

Today, I was able to ask some questions about their experience as a trio. I was also able to participate in their piano lesson and take some videos and pictures while the trio worked with their piano teacher. Savannah said, “At first it was hard to get all in one place at a time to practice together. We are all at different levels too.” At first it was also easy to get frustrated with each other. “Once we got it together, it felt pretty good,” Savannah added.

clarketrio1 small 2

I asked what they were preparing their trio for and Jack said he is pretty sure they are going to play “Snap, Clap, Boogie” for the recital in November! “It’s just crazy,” he said about learning to play with his siblings. One thing they all said was they learned teamwork. “We learned to work together,” Ryan said, “You have to stay on beat really well.” “You feel accomplished at the end,” Savannah chimed in, “It’s been fun playing and putting it all together. It’s way different than playing our part on our own.”

The sibling trio is not only preparing “Snap, Clap, Boogie” for the recital, Savannah noted, “We can share it with family and friends!” Ryan says, “It’s an extra fun thing to do for your lessons too.” Jack agreed. When asked if they would do a trio together again, they all said, “YES!”

Here is a sneak peak of their performance below. Come to the recital in November to hear the talented sibling trio!