Learning How to Sightread in the Piano Academy

One of our big focuses in the Piano Academy is teaching students how to be great sightreaders! This is a vital skill for any pianist who wants to accompany, play in church, or learn new music quickly. Once students have passed off their first level of method books, time on the digital piano in the Pass-Off room is spent sightreading. Students first sightread from the Faber Piano Adventures sightreading set:

Faber sightreading books

Once they’ve finished level 2B, students then start sightreading the LDS Children’s Songbook and Hymnbook, Bartok’s Mikrokosmos, vocal accompaniments and beyond!

Once a month, the Pass-Off teacher also tests each student on their sightreading ability to measure their progress. We love the Piano Safari sightreading cards – they’re the perfect length for a one-minute test and have 20 levels to use from beginner to advanced:

Piano Safari cards

We keep a record of students’ monthly progress, so if you want to know how your child is doing in sightreading, just ask! We love seeing our students learn and are always amazed at how much they’ve progressed each month!