Latest Piano Restoration! Sherman Clay Upright

Here is the “after” on the Sherman Clay Upright.  This piano is beautiful!  We never tire of bringing these gorgeous pieces of art back to life.  This belongs to a customer of ours.  The outside is Rosewood and we completely refinished it.  Other cosmetics done are the original pedals are re-plated and the key tops have also been replaced

The majority of the work done on this piano is on the inside. It includes all new treble and bass strings, new pins, dampers, hammers, shanks, hammer buts and bridle straps, and felt throughout. The cast iron plate is refinished as well and the cracks that were in the soundboard are all shimmed up.  The bottom panel is all repaired now too. We worked on this piano for 8 months straight in the shop and the many hours have paid off.

Here is the After video on the Sherman Clay Upright

Before Video!

Here are some pictures of the progress along the way.

Sherman Clay Rebuild Sherman Clay Upright

If you would like to see this restoration work in action, stop by our piano shop anytime. We love to give tours!  Interested in this type of work for your own piano? Call us today at 801-701-0113. Brigham oversees all rebuilds personally and will ensure your piano gets the best care possible.

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