Latest Piano Restoration! 1885 Emerson

The 1885 Emerson upright is complete. We love the way it turned out. The piano came into our shop in pretty rough shape and we rebuilt  this piano for almost a year. It sounds absolutely awesome now!  Work includes new strings, dampers, hammers, shanks, keys, and  bushings,  Also, the hardware is all replaced or polished. Everything is redone and looking beautiful.

Watch the After Video!

Watch the Before Video!

Here are some pictures of the progress along the way of the 1885 Emerson #47337.

New Strings 1885 Emerson 1885 Emerson ##47337

If you would like to see this restoration work in action, stop by our piano shop anytime. We love to give tours!

For centuries, the piano has been the place where fond memories and lasting connections have been made.  Are you are considering upright or grand piano restoration because you have inherited a cherished (but perhaps rundown) heirloom piano.  Or perhaps you’ve found a great deal on an antique you cannot pass up!  If so, Brigham Larson Pianos in Orem, Utah is your expert partner in piano restoration.  If you are interested in this type of work for your own piano, call us today at 801-701-0113. Brigham oversees all rebuilds personally and will ensure your piano gets the best care possible. 

To see more before and afters, visit our Youtube channel or  blog here.