Did you know? PIANO KEY TOPS

Learn about piano key tops and how we make them here at BLP!

Brigham has worked on over 20,000 pianos and this quality and design is one of many aspects of a well put together piano.

Also meet Don, our new key top specialist!

How to Recognize Bad Piano Key Tops:

  • notches are not right angle- acute/ obtuse/ wavy
  • not trimmed properly
  • not glued properly
  • key tops pop off
  • won’t fit flush onto the front of piano

 BLP Piano Key tops:

  • sized exactly right with router and gig
  • exactly square on all sides
  • clamped to be cut straight
  • glued and trimmed flush with wood
  • small even lip on front of the key
  • notches where sharps go-at 90 degrees and uniform straight across piano
  • all sides perfect 90 degree angles
  • buffed finish no imperfections with nice shine
  • any angle/lighting there are no scratches or imperfections
  • hand filed at end to finish
  • precise tedious task