Kindermusik Storytime

We’re excited to share an experience from two sisters in one of our Kindermusik families, Mila and Vivian. Vivian, 5, had been enrolled in the Music for the Young Child class since September. Her younger sister Mila, 3, had always come with her mom to drop Vivian off and was always there for the last ten min of class for Sharing Time. Mila loved to be involved in the activities and songs and rarely wanted to leave when the short ten minutes were over. It would have been so great to have a class for Mila to go to as well!

Fast forward to a few months later where we found ourselves with enough interest to start an Imagine That Kindermusik class – a class for children aged 3 to 5 years old. We decided the best time for that class would be during the Music for the Young Child class and invited Vivian and Mila’s mom to bring Mila and see how she liked it. The first class was so much fun for Mila, the instructor and the entire class, an instant success! Afterwards, Mila and her mom came to the At-Home Materials closet to see the Imagine That Home Materials for that semester. What they saw were two home CDs, a family activity book, two resonator bars with mallets, a gameboard set, two literature books and Mila’s favorite part – cute little blue backpack!

“Is that my backpack, mom?” Mila would ask over and over as her mom decided to register a fill out a registration form. She was so excited when the backpack really did become hers! Now every week Vivian goes to her class and Mila goes to a class of her very own!


Mila1 Mila2