Kindermusik: Why we do Repetition

If you attend Kindermusik class with your child you may have wondered at one point, “Why are we singing the same song every class?” Or you may have wondered something similar about a particular activity. The reason is because based on recent research, experts have found that repetition is necessary for young children to learn and remember what they have learned as they grow.



Repetition continues to be important in the development of language and movement, as it is repeated experiences that reinforce the pathways of the brain. By two years of age, a toddler’s cerebral cortex contains well over a hundred trillion synapses, which is actually some fifty percent more synapses than she will keep as an adult. While new synapses form rapidly during this timeframe, a ‘pruning’ process is also taking place. This process strengthens frequently used pathways, while deleting those that are not used. As pruning continues, it will allow your child to process thoughts and actions more quickly and efficiently.
– Zero to Three:

The mind of a child is amazing. Here at Kindermusik we want to create the perfect environment for those little minds to grow and develop!