Why do Kindermusik…for pre-schoolers?


Your 3 or 4 year old is learning primarily through exploration and play. Their language skills are taking off, and they learn a new word about every week! When you tell them a story, sing them a song or read a poem they are able to listen and understand better and better. They are also learning to distinguish letters and numbers (although they will probably mix them up often!).


Here at Kindermusik, we engage in activities and songs that build on your child’s abilities in creative arts by developing greater control over their voices and by recognizing, naming and singing. They play simple rhythm instruments and develop ability to control beat, tempo and pitch. Your child’s creative play is important too – in one of our Sing & Play classes, Miss Karmel allowed Ruby to lead the activity, Roll Over Rover, by using the balls she wanted to play with. The picture below shows this example of how we build our activity upon what the children are interested in – something called scaffolding. Our Sing & Play class is for toddlers, but we use this technique for all ages.


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