Just out of the shop! 1911 Marshall & Wendell 56″ Upright Piano

This 1911 Marshall & Wendell piano comes from the biggest year of piano sales in the United States. This piano has been completely restored. It has been refinished to the original color of the wood. Cosmetically, this piano is beautifully unique. On the inside, all of the major components have been completely replaced, such as the hammers, dampers, hammer shanks, felt, keys, bushings, and bridal straps. The pedals are the original 1911 pedals. After the replacements of all of the parts, everything has been regulated and voiced. The piano is tuned and up to concert pitch. It has a nice, rich sound and a long sustain. We couldn’t be happier with how this piano turned out!

1911 Marshall & Wendell 56″ Upright Piano

Price: $6,998 (Finance $117/mo.)

Serial: #46575

3 Year BLP Warranty

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1911 Marshall & Wendell #46575-2

1911 Marshall & Wendell #46575