Just out of the shop! 1980 Wurlitzer 45" Upright Piano

This piano is a 1980 Wurlitzer 45″ upright piano. Wurlitzers are good pianos and relatively inexpensive–not phenomenal nor anything problematic. It’s the right piano for someone who wants a good piano but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money. This piano has been through a level one refinishing and the casters have been replaced. The pedals, lock, and keys have been polished. The inside has been completely refurbished. The hammers are freshly reshaped, the action has been tightened and lubricated, and a full regulation has been performed. This piano is now in perfect condition!

1980 Wurlitzer 45″ Upright Piano

Price: $2,198 (Finance $49/mo. Rent $55/mo.)

Serial #: 1609336

3 Year BLP Warranty

Call us at (801) 701-0113 to set up a time to come see this wonderful piano, or stop by anytime Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm.  Call / text Brigham directly at (801) 830-0011.

Wurlitzer 45in (1)