Just out of the shop! 1980 Astin Weight Upright Piano

This piano is a 1980 Astin Weight upright piano. This piano was manufactured in Utah, and there’s a good chance this piano has never left the state. Astin Weight is an innovative company. They often add some unusual touch to their pianos that make them unique. In this piano, the soundboard extends to the very top of the piano. In most pianos there is an additional 6 inches of height to account for the back of the pin block. Essentially, Astin Weight has engineered this piano to hold the body of a 48 inch piano inside the body of a 42 inch piano. This piano has a big tone/presence akin to a 48 inch piano. It has been put through Brigham’s extensive checklist that he has created over his 22 years of piano technician work. Some highlights from this list include cleaning, reshaping and aligning hammers, a full regulation, tightening parts, lubricating parts, rebuilding the trapwork (pedals), leveling the keys, a pitch raise, and tuning. The finish is also in really good condition. This piano looks and sounds great!

1980 Astin Weight 42″ Upright Piano

Price: $2,498 (Finance $49/mo. Rent $63/mo.)

Serial: #21310

3 Year BLP Warranty

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