Just out of the shop! 1955 Baldwin Acrosonic

This little 1955 Baldwin Acrosonic just came out of our piano shop! It’s 36″ but sounds much larger than it is.  It has been fully refurbished and refinished. A lot of people don’t like spinets and smaller pianos because they lack the depth of larger pianos, but the Baldwin Acrosonic is an exception. It has a really nice, easy and even touch. This piano will last for many, many decades.

This piano has a cool mid-century design aesthetic, almost a Jetsons look. As an instrument, this piano really can perform. It is in beautiful condition, basically perfect cosmetically. The decal is a replica of the original. The inside is also in perfect condition; we’ve gone through it very thoroughly.  Some of the features are reshaping the hammers, alignment, full cleaning, tightening, lubricating, and regulating.

Watch Brigham Demo This Acrosonic!

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