This Just In: 16 Brand New Pianos!

It was an exciting day at the Brigham Larson Pianos store. A container shipment of 16 brand new Hailun pianos arrived Tuesday afternoon, which called for all hands on deck!


They called in a cavalry of 8 piano technicians, and one honorary forklift. Many hands make light work… but 16 boxes of pianos are still heavy. With Don at the forklift, Micah and Spencer in the truck, and they rest of the crew ready to wheel them away, the pianos were unloaded in no time.

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Once the pianos were inside the building, the question became where do you store 16 brand new pianos? The technicians were creative and found a home for every piano. Some went straight to the gallery, ready to be unboxed and displayed. Others were stored neatly in the back, waiting for their turn in the showroom.

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Over the next few days, all the boxes and wrapping will be removed. Then the pianos will be tuned and prepped, making them finally ready for their new homes and families. Watch Matthew share a piece of this process below as he demonstrates how an upright piano is unboxed.

Stop by Brigham Larson Pianos to see our fleet of brand new Hailun pianos! We have ebony, mahogany, walnut, and even white upright pianos, fresh out of the box.

Call us at 801-701-0113 or visit our Orem location Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. We hope to see you soon!