January Student of the Month!

Each month, we like to choose a student who has worked extremely hard, and exemplifies our Virtue of the Month. The virtue for January is discipline! The student that we thought best exemplifies this is Mikayla Randall.


Her mom said this about Mikayla, “As a seventh grader, she has a contagious enthusiasm and zest for life that can light up a room.   She is the third of four children and the first girl.  As the little sister of two big brothers, she grew up playing sports and battling with lightsabers.  She still loves to play basketball and soccer, and is also an avid hiker, skier and outdoorsy kind of girl.

“She is a musician at heart and I often hear her singing a merry tune around the house or anywhere.   She sings show tunes, hymns, radio music and can pick up a melody with ease.  She begged to have piano lessons like her brothers as a little girl and has been tinkering at the keyboard ever since.  Her favorite composers are Chopin and Bach.  She will also compose pieces herself– typically in a mysterious minor key.

“She is a determined person who can focus intently on learning a piece, mastering a skill, or accomplishing a goal.  Mikayla started at the Utah Piano Conservatory in October and has loved her teachers.  With her strength of character and adventurous spirit, I am excited to watch this girl grow and climb life’s mountains.”

We are so excited to have Mikayla with us at the conservatory! She is such a dedicated worker and I absolutely love having her as a student.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” -Jim Rohn