It’s Still Easter at Piano Lessons!

Janika, from the Yellow Piano Academy, brought Easter with her to piano lessons on Wednesday. In her hands was a yellow Easter egg, which she hid from her piano teachers during the last few minutes of the lesson. Their job was to find the yellow egg while Janika played fun songs on the piano, or gave them hints. Ms. Algecera and Mr. Morrison both found the egg, and were given small prizes inside.

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File_003At Piano Academy, students get to know several piano teachers as they rotate through each room. Right now Piano Academy is split into four academies: Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Blue. The Yellow Piano Academy features Mr. Morrison as the solo teacher, and meets Tuesday – Thursday. The Orange Piano Academy features Ms. Bastian as the solo teacher, and meets Monday – Friday. The Purple Piano Academy features Ms. Henderson as the solo teacher, and currently meets Wednesday nights. The Blue Piano Academy is our Jazz Academy, which features Ammon Doman as the jazz instructor. It also meets on Wednesday nights.

Within each academy there are several other well-qualified teachers. All students rotate through 4 rooms during their lesson at Piano Academy: Solo, Pass-Off, Technique/Hymn, and the Theory/Computer Lab. In each of the rooms are associate and bachelor-level faculty. Just like Janika, over time students can develop fun relationships with several teachers, and learn from each of their strengths.

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