How Piano Recitals Can Instill Confidence

At Piano Academy, we focus on a different virtue each month. Called “Virtues for Virtuoso’s”, this emphasis helps students to develop both talent and testimony. At piano lessons, our students aren’t just learning the notes, they are learning patience. They aren’t just learning the rhythms, they are learning dedication. This month’s virtue is confidence! While preparing for our recitals, our program coordinator had an idea that I believe will be a confidence-boost to many of our students.

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Lindsay Bastian, the Orange Piano Academy Solo Teacher and Program Coordinator, wanted to try doing compliment cards during each recital. As a piano teacher, she and our other faculty look to fully involve the students and parents in recitals. This idea was engaging, but also fun and heart-warming.

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Each parent had the opportunity to write a compliment on an index card to their children and another child in the academy. It was meant to be specific, highlighting a particularly good part of the performance. Many parents thought carefully about what to write. The responses will go a long way to instilling confidence in their children and other Piano Academy students. We are very grateful for their participation!

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Each Piano Academy student also had the opportunity to write a compliment on and index card to whoever performed right before them. The writing occurred at the end of the recital. Students made sure to write kind things and to get help from their parents if they didn’t know how to write. Students had fun writing to their classmates! We are grateful for each student who joined in!

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Imagine the confidence instilled in each student as they receive these compliment cards at their lessons the following week! Even if their performance wasn’t as successful as they had hoped, a student may receive a compliment reminding them of something they did well that they may have not noticed. We hope all of our students at the Utah Piano Conservatory are feeling their confidence built this month!