Piano Lessons Can Help You Light the World 

#LightTheWorld is in full swing this Christmas season, and there are many ways to participate! Here are 3 ways that piano lessons can help you participate in serving others this month:

Our Virtues for Virtuosos: Every month, we focus on a different virtue. These virtues are meant to help students develop both their talents and their testimony. Virtues also help students getIMG_3086 so much more out of piano lessons. They aren’t just learning music, they are forming important habits in their lives. Our virtue this month is Sensitivity. By learning sensitivity, students are better able to notice important service opportunities. Practice sensitivity by showing kindness to your siblings this week!

Sharing Talents: Piano lessons foster a musical talent that brings joy to others! Especially at Christmas time, people are excited to hear piano music. You can learn a Christmas song to share with your family, a neighbor, or someone who may feel lonely this time of year.

Bringing Family Together: It is fun to gather together as a family around a piano! You can sing together, play the piano together, or have a family concert. This month try gathering your family around the piano to play some Christmas songs!

These are just a few ways that piano lessons give you an opportunity to serve! Search for more ways to serve by going to https://www.mormon.org/christmas/25-ways-25-days. We hope all of our students will find ways to use their musical talents in service this year!Larson Family Gathering