How can you tell if your piano has ivory keys?

How can you tell the difference between ivory keytops and plastic? We get this question a lot! Here are some ways to tell!

#1 Ivory keytops were used on most pianos before the 1930’s, so if your piano was made before 1930, it’s a good chance you have ivory keytops.

#2 Another way to tell is look for chipping and cracking. Ivory is very brittle and chips and cracks easy, especially at the ends.

#3 If you have those fine lines/veins in the keytops that is another sign you may have ivory keytops.

Before and after polishing Ivory Keytops

If the ivory keys on your piano are looking old, chipped-up or yellowed from wear and tear, give us a call! Did you know that here at Brigham Larson Pianos, we restore keytops? We can either get your original set of ivory looking “factory-fresh” again or you can choose to have your chipped-up or yellowed ivory replaced with high-quality plastic tops.

If you’re still unsure, email us a picture of your keytops and we would be happy to look at them for you! Just fill out the form below!