Hire a Registered Piano Technician for Your Piano

Your piano is an amazing instrument! It has more than 10,000 individual parts that need to be properly maintained in order to keep it looking and sounding great.

A Registered Piano Technician (or RPT) is a technician or tuner who is required to pass a rigorous series of tests administered by the Piano Technicians Guild.

RPTs are tested on many things including an intimate understanding of piano mechanics. They are required to assemble and disassemble the action (moving parts) of a piano and pass a written exam.

They are also tested on standard tuning methods, as well as pitch raises. Most Registered Piano Technicians have performed over 1000 tunings on a variety of new and used pianos before passing the PTG exam. They must also have the ability to tune a piano without the use of an electronic tuner.

An RPT must be able to perform specialized maintenance and repair of a piano such as voicing, string repair, and regulation.

Registered Piano Technicians also continue to enhance their skills and knowledge through their affiliation with other technicians and suppliers.

Hiring a Registered Piano Technician will ensure that your grand or upright piano is getting the very best care available to keep it sounding its best throughout your lifetime.

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