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2015=20th Anniversary of Brigham Larson Pianos!

Over 20,000 private home client tunings since 1995!

Other clients have included:

Professional Musicians and Studios:

As a full-time performing musician, I have  performed on hundreds of  pianos around the country.   The passion and  precision Brigham puts into  his work makes him stand out as one of the  finest piano technician /  tuners with which I have ever had the  pleasure of working.  The extra  care he took was remarked upon by  myself and my sound technician.   We  were extremely impressed by his  expertise,  caring attitude and the  extra attention that he gladly  volunteered.

Thanks again Brigham!

– Jon Schmidt,


Other renowned clients include:

Covey Center For The Arts

David Lanz

Michael Ballam

Alex Boye

Jenny Oaks Baker

Josh Wright

Marvin Goldstein

Jed Moss

Paul Cardall

David Tolk


The Scera Shell


300 Pianos tuned biannually for the LDS Church in Utah County





High Schools:

Brigham is punctual, friendly and meticulous.  He obviously takes great pride in his work – and rightly so.  He does a great job.  I trust Brigham with my piano repair and tuning at Orem High School as well as with my home piano.
Orem High School
Howard Summers
Instrumental Music Director

Provo High

Springville High

Lone Peak

Music Teachers:

Brigham Larson is the Piano Technicians Guild expert who has tuned, regulated and serviced my grand piano and spinet piano for a number of years.   I value his service as much as I value my quality musical instruments.   I have learned over the years the that way to maintain the quality of the instruments that are dear to me is to have a professional Guild member service them regularly–at least three times each year.   I give my highest recommendation and express gratitude to Brigham Larson for his outstanding training, attention to detail and his courtesy when he is in my music studio.  Cheryl Norman – American Fork, UT

Past President-Utah Music Teachers Association (2004-2006)

MTNA-Chairman SPAC Committee (2006-2007)

MTNA-Southwest Division Certification Commissioner (2007-2010)

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)-Director-Elect for Southwest Division (2010-2014)



American Fork

Tuning Clients

Brigham is great!   We’ve been really happy with his service, his character, and his competence. We highly recommend him.

– Barry Rellaford, playing in American Fork, UT on a Yamaha U3 that he purchased from Brigham Larson Pianos!


“It was a joy to have Brigham work on our new-but-used piano. His work was incredible, amazing, perfect. Our piano needed a lot of help – way beyond just a tune-up – and he really can do anything!

We also enjoyed simply having him in our home! My four kids and I sat around and watched him work, and he was happy to point out piano parts, explain what he was doing, answer questions, and responded to random knock-knock jokes. He let the kids poke around in his tools, and we even got a concert when he was finished :)

We are so blessed with music in  our home now! Thanks for a great-sounding piano.”

-Dave and Tammy Greene -American Fork, UT

“Brigham tuned and raised the pitch of our 1980 45″ Baldwin, so we could sell it. The piano sounded so great after he finished that I’m not sure I can part with it anymore. Not only was his work brilliant, but during the two hours he spent on our piano he answered all of our questions about its action, brightness, dynamic range, and selling value (this while entertaining our cat, who insisted on attacking him). Brigham is warm, generous, and absolutely adept.”
-Cami Pack, English Teacher Utah State University, Cedar Hills, UT
There was a request on the Wasatch Home Educators Network yahoo group I participate in for a recommendation for a great piano tuner. Before I had the chance to reply with Brigham’s information, one of our clients posted a kind word on his behalf for us! Here’s what she posted:

“Call Brigham Larson, 801-830-0011.  He tuned our old piano and fixed broken keys.  Did an awesome job!”  Teresa Ferrel– Spanish Fork, UT

Thanks Teresa for recommending Brigham!  We love our loyal and happy clients!!!

Adam Torkildson recently sent us this kind and unsolicited message on Facebook.  He has also been helping us with our transition to a new website.  We highly recommend him for any website and/or SEO marketing needs.  He gave us more free hours than paid hours I think!  Thanks Adam!

Our music room in all it’s glory. Brigham spent about 3 hours sitting or kneeling on the hardwood floor in here. He has a master touch with pianos, and you can tell he devotes a lot of passion into what he does, even with older models like this. Adam Torkildson-Cedar Hills, UT

Denise Roney, Provo, UT Brigham does an awesome job. He has kept my pianos – including my Steinway in tune for years!

In the middle of a busy day, I checked our home phone messages and was so happy to hear the following:

“Hi, this is Kathy Wheeler.  Brigham just tuned our piano a few days ago and we just wanted to call and tell you how pleased we are with it!  My husband and I are both thrilled with how it turned out!  We love the sound, the touch, the responsiveness of the keys.  I just wanted to pass this on and thank you again so much for tuning our piano.  We just love playing our piano!”  -Kathy Wheeler of Murray, UT

I have enjoyed Brigham as my piano tuner for many years.  I have a lot of pianos that get played a lot and he does a great job in helping me care for them and keep them in great shape. I would reccomend him to everyone I know.  He will also play you a little jazz when he is done.

-Debbie Augustus, Mapleton, UT

Donna has been a loyal Brigham’s Piano Service client since 2002.  She gets her piano tuned each year by Brigham and we appreciate her loyalty and friendship!  Thank you for your business Donna!

Piano Buyers

Our family has had our new Hailun Grand Piano for about a week and half now. We bought it from Brigham’s Piano Service. I have been nothing but impressed.
The kids love playing it, mainly because it’s so easy for them to make beautiful music. We have three kids in piano lessons, and now that I have this piano, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another. Recently I played some songs by Beethoven that I hadn’t played in years. The amount of control I had over the volume and beauty of the sound was both unexpected and awesome, especially given how out of practice I am.
Our last piano was a beautiful upright, with lots of sound. It was nice. This piano is incredible. I’ve played on hundreds of pianos, from no-names to Kawais, Yamahas and Steinways. I was a piano technician for 4 years, which made me rather picky about pianos. I’m just as happy with this piano as I would be with almost any other. The craftsmanship is impressive. The finish is practically flawless. The touch is perfect. The only thing I’d change would be to buy a longer one (ours is only 5′ 4″), for a slightly clearer and stronger bass. I’m not saying the bass is muddy, I just know what long strings can sound like.
We couldn’t be happier about the piano.
-Bret and Kathleen Gundersen, Hailun 161 Grand Piano, Orem UT

Austin Linford, recent buyer of a 50 inch Hailun Upright Piano with nickle trim, explains why he purchased a Hailun Piano over all other brands after doing an EXTREME amount of research…

The Spaulding Family of Payson, UT was nothing but smiles as their Yamaha U3 Upright piano was delivered!

Kelly Gilchrist came to our home to look at pianos and ended up staying for Brigham’s homemade chips and salsa.  Then, after deciding to purchase the Yamaha U3, her car wouldn’t start.  Brigham and one of our neighbors were able to help Kelly repair her vehicle.  Kelly was so grateful and so excited to have her U3 delivered.

Here is part of a wonderful thank you note we received from Kelly,

“Thank you for being such a wonderful family.  In the short time I spent with you Saturday, I could see that you have been and will continue to be a powerful influence for good!  Thank you for taking me right in and sharing your yummy salsa with me.  Most of all, thank you so much for helping me with my car and being willing to get additional help for me.  When I think of all the places that could have happened, how grateful I am that it occurred where ther was help available….  Thanks for the diligence and care that goes into your work–IT SHOWS!!” Kelly Gilchrist, UT

This piano was sold so fast that it didn’t even make it onto our website before being sold!  They came and bought it while the keys were out being completely recovered.  With complete confidence in Brigham’s unique system to refurbishing uprights, quality controls and attention to detail… they had no doubts that it would sound great once the keys were back in.  (and yes, they were thrilled with the final product when it was delivered to their home in Salt Lake City).
I am loving our Yamaha.
-Pam Reutzel, North Salt Lake County, UT This delightful couple arrived on a Harley to our piano shop.  They came by from Sugarhouse, shopping for his birthday and found just what they were looking for!  Below, you can see them with their latest addition. Happy Birthday!
Brigham’s Piano Service delivered some musical happiness once again!  This time to Spanish Fork, UT.  This new piano owner was thrilled to have her Yamaha U1 delivered.  Her children are excited to begin making music and taking lessons.

Comments from customer surveys:

The piano had not been tuned for over a year so I  requested that it be  tuned.  I also asked if the piano needed  regulation and/or voicing.  I  was told that it was not necessary at the  present time but I would be  told if/when it needed it in the future.  I  was also told that my piano  could probably go a year before the next  tuning.  I believe that Brigham  is a very good and honest tuner!  I’ve  already recommended him to my  brother-in-law!   -Glen Hunsaker, Pleasant Grove, UT
Brigham did a thorough tuning, fixed every issue I  mentioned, and carefully attended to issues I didn’t even realize were a  problem!  I found his rates to be very competitive, and his knowledge  and service to be exceptional.  After he left, I immediately sat down  and fell in love with my piano again, it sounded so good!  -Rebecca Larson (no relation), Highland, UT
Brigham goes the extra mile to keep our pianos in top shape. He silenced  a buzz in the sound board of an antique upright piano dating from 1895,  and was there every step of the way throughout our brand new grand’s  two-year settling-in period. His enthusiasm and respect for pianos is  contagious. -Scott and Judy Miller, Provo, UT
Very good. During the visit, I was told of another few hundred dollars  of maintenance that my piano could use, but I felt no pressure to commit  to have the extra repairs done. Brigham was informative but not pushy.   -Brad Whitaker, Provo, UT
My old, sorely out-of tune piano needed lots of work but  now it sounds wonderful.  I am grateful for that alone, but Brigham also  took the time to teach me about the intricate workings of my piano.  -Jana Shepherd, Alpine, UT
I appreciated being able to contact Brigham by phone or  email and his quick response when I needed to reschedule my  appointment.   He was very pleasant and thorough.  His skill in tuning  pianos is excellent.  I also appreciate the annual tuning appointment  scheduling he provides and look forward to the reminder call, contacting  me when we are close to that date.  -Janice Gardner, Orem, UT
You had the right piano at the right time.  We are very happy with the beautiful sounds it produces. -Gary Olsen, Herriman, UT
He seems very knowlegable and capable in identifying issues and fixing them.  He is also very kind and fun to have around. -Tonya McBride, Highland, UT
The piano sounded great last night at the family party. Even with four  hands cranking out a Christmas medley!  His service could only be  improved upon if he could have provided a little longer concert after  the tune-up.  My boys were inspired!! -Jonell Francis, Provo, UT
Brigham is very thorough, professional and polite. -Laura Oliver, Elk Ridge, UT
Brigham answered every question and was willing to show me the process  of how they restore pianos, fast and friendly service, beautiful Piano  and tone for a very reasonable price. I am truly impressed and am  telling everyone I know about it.  -Ryan Newcomer, Lehi, UT
Excellent and professional!  -Ken and Pat Walzak, Highland, UT