Hammer Re-Shaping at Shop Meeting!

Do the hammer heads on your piano look like this?

worn-hammersIf they do, call us right away!  We can re-shape those hammer heads for you.  The result would be heard in a crisper, cleaner tone–more like what the piano sounded like when it was in the showroom as a new instrument! Wear and tear on a set of hammers is measured by the depth of the cut marks in the striking surfaces (strike point) of the hammers. In a piano, hammers wear in a direction opposite to the wear on a set of tires for your car. The more miles on your tires, the shallower the grooves of the tread. With hammers, the more wear that has occurred, the deeper the grooves. The deeper these grooves, or cut marks, the more impact on the piano’s tone.  We can re-shape those worn hammers for you and you will love the results!


To schedule a technician to re-shape your pianos hammers, call us at 801-701-0113 or schedule online below.   Make your piano sound great again! #piano hammers #hammer re-shaping #hammer head filing

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Here are some pics from shop meeting this week.  Brigham is showing the correct way to shape hammers.

shop-meeting-9-14-9 shop-meeting-9-14-6