History of Hailun Pianos

With more than 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Hailun has become the standard for high quality piano manufacturing across the Far East. This uncompromising insistence to achieve maximum quality and product excellence has made Hailun the piano of choice for thousands all over the world!

Brigham is the industry authority on Hailun Pianos and proud to be Utah's exclusive Hailun dealer, and to share the beauty of Hailun pianos with families all over the state.

Hailun’s Beginnings

Mr. Hailun Chen is the founder and the first-generation company owner of Hailun Pianos. He started his business in 1986, making parts for other piano companies after graduating from the Piano Technology School in Beijing.  Over the years, the quality increased more and more and he became the premier provider of metal parts and other parts for some very famous pianos around the globe.

Based on European Standards

In the mid-’90s he had the desire to make a piano of his own. From the beginning, he was very careful and intentional about the right way to develop his company. It was a lot of work to go from doing all the parts to building a whole piano. Over the years, he had formed European partnerships with German and Austrian experts, designers, and technicians to help them assemble the piano. That’s why Hailun pianos are so much like a European piano and not like Asian pianos. He used designers such as Peter Veletzky, Stephen Paulello, and George F. Emerson. ALL the designers and helpers were from Europe. The pianos are based on European standards. In 2001, his dream came to fruition.

Brigham visited the Hailun Piano Factory in Ningbo, China and was able to visit Mr Chen’s personal office. Brigham also had the opportunity to interview Mark Chen, who is the CEO of Hailun China. Mark was there from the beginning with Mr. Hailun Chen in developing the name of Hailun. He started as Mr. Chen’s driver, translator, secretary, and was Mr. Chen’s first sales representative.

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NINGBO-Home of Hailun Pianos

Brigham and his technicians at the Hailun Piano Factory

Ningbo, the home of Hailun Pianos, is a city that is famous for hand works. Their people have always made high quality products. They did not follow the traditional Chinese way to do lower quality, lower priced instruments. It would have been too hard when the Chinese had already been developing that market for over 50 years. They had to think differently! This is one way they have broken free from the reputation of making cheap goods.

From the very beginning, it was hard to visit dealers in China because no one had heard of Hailun. Mark Chen said they were even advised to put a German or European name on the piano—but they insisted on keeping their name. The first 5 years was difficult. But today there are hundreds and hundreds of Hailun dealers. China found out over the years what a quality product Hailun was and what a stable piano it is. Step by step they opened the market. Ten years later, Hailun is the 4th largest piano maker in the world and 3rd in the nation!

Rethinking Chinese Manufacture

Brigham  explains in this video why he changed his mind concerning Chinese piano manufacture. He shares how not only the piano industry, but other industries as well have seen a very positive shift over the last 15 years.  

The History of Hailun

Featuring the CEO of Hailun USA, Basilios Strmec, next to the award winning Hailun HU5P.  

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