Brigham and Hailun

Brigham is the industry authority on Hailun Pianos with over 300 sold! 

I was first introduced to the Hailun brand in 2010 at a piano technicians’ convention. 

I had heard great reviews about Hailun but was a bit skeptical until I played one … and then bought one to take home. I inspected it, took it completely apart, fully prepped it, and was blown away by its structure, touch, tone, materials, craftsmanship, and more. I told my wife while tuning my first unboxed Hailun in my living room, “This piano is better than Yamaha and Kawai, but I can’t tell people that because it will sound like a sales pitch since no one has heard of Hailun yet.”

At that moment I knew: this is the real deal. From several standpoints, Hailun is simply unbeatable. 

  1. As a career piano technician, As a registered piano technician with over 24+ years experience, I’ve tuned more than 20,000 pianos and have rebuilt thousands. I’m passionate about Hailun from a technical aspect — it is a solid instrument that’s a joy to work on!
  2. As a lifelong musician and jazz pianist, I love the Hailun touch and tone — it is powerful, rich, deep, and full!
  3. As a father with a family of my own,  I know Hailun is a fantastic instrument that will inspire my children and it comes at a significantly more affordable price than comparable brands. 

This is why I became the exclusive Hailun dealer in Utah — Hailun’s dedication to design, architecture, materials, innovation, and manufacturing and quality control standards is something I completely stand behind. 

— Hailun is in my showroom because I truly love the piano. 

As a musician and Technician with 24+ years experience, I can say that Hailun’s award-winning pianos are in the same class as Yamaha, Kawai, and Boston at a fraction of the price — you will not find a better cost-to-value ratio for your money. 

The Value of Hailun Pianos

Hailun Factory Tours

There are a number of videos we made while visiting the Hailun Piano Factory in 2013 and 2018 which show lots of different aspects of the manufacturing process.

Our 2013 factory tour:  In 2013, I visited the Hailun manufacturing facilities and my experience there only confirmed that the Hailun standard is extremely high. Hailuns are not “stencil pianos” — the company does not outsource the construction of its pianos and never skimps on quality.

Our 2018 factory tour: This time I took all my piano technicians with me to the Hailun Piano Factory.

I encourage my customers to do their own research. Read reviews, check pricing, and note industry standards-here are a few sources I recommend:

I also want to personally invite you to come by our showroom so you can experience it firsthand. I know once you try it, you’ll fall in love with it, too!