Hailun Highlights

  • 2010 – Brigham selects Hailun pianos, at piano convention, to sell from his home.
    • Tells his wife while tuning first unboxed Hailun in his living room, “This piano is better than Yamaha and Kawai, but I can’t tell people that because it will sound like a sales pitch since no one has heard of Hailun yet.”
    • Soon after opens Pleasant Grove Piano store –
      • Awarded Top Hailun National Dealer of the Year!
    • Opens St. George store year later
  • 2011 – Piano Technicians Guild selects Hailun
    • Hailun Action model used to test piano technicians nationwide to pass the Registered Piano Technician Designation (RPT Exam)
  • 2012 – LDS Church selects Hailun
    • (in addition to Kawai) for new chapels
      • 178 Hailun grands which are awarded “The Piano of the Year”, best piano in North America in 2013.
    • 116 Crescendo selected for Primary rooms and music desk specially designed for large primary and hymn books
      • This upright was designed by George F. Emerson (Frank) who was commissioned to design a new Steinway piano March 1st, 2014.
  • 2012 – Industry selects Hailun for “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year”, specifically the HU5P – Piano of the Year.  (MMR Magazine, Dealers Choice Awards)
  • 2013 – Industry selects Hailun AGAIN for “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year”, specifically the 178 Grand – Piano of the Year.  (MMR Magazine, Dealers Choice Awards)
  • 2014 – Steinway selects Hailun Designer of the 116 upright and 198 grand, George F. Emerson (Frank) commissioned by Steinway to design new Steinway Piano beginning March 1st 2014
  • 2014 PIANO OF THE YEAR —– AGAIN!!!!
  • 2014 New Orem location Brigham Larson Pianos opens
  • 2015 Brigham Larson Pianos becomes a national distribution location for Hailun as ongoing top dealer.

BEST VALUE! Hailun was selected by the LDS church and the industry as Piano Line of the Year for it’s overall value based on cost and quality.

  • To give a comparison, Larry Fine (Piano Buyer Guide publisher and renowned piano critic) ranks Hailun in the same tier for quality and performance as Yamaha and Kawai.  In other words, Hailun is rated in the same class as the Yamaha and Kawai flagship models.
  • The price of Hailun performance uprights, however, is comparable to Yamaha and Kawai’s economy series, a significantly reduced price due to the lower quality of parts in the lower tiered Yamaha and Kawai instruments.

Other Noteworthy Mentionables:

  • Safety Ease Lid assist technology partners with Hailun, exclusive patent.  Only slow fall grand lid among all piano manufacturers.
  • Research Hailun on-line…. it’s getting rave reviews everywhere.  The more you research Hailun, the more you will want to buy one!
    • Great reviews & chats on Pianoworld.com about Hailun and elsewhere!
    • Don’t just take our word for it… do some research!  EVERYONE is raving about Hailun!!


If you like to know the technical highlights of what makes Hailun AMAZING…. this is for YOU!
Discover Hailun’s superior design and construction by learning about the technical aspects listed below.  Watch Brigham’s Hailun Factory Tour Videos at BrighamLarsonPianos on YouTUBE: (Do a search for Hailun Factory Tour)

  • Hailun hand crafted soundboards
  • Hand crafting bridges
  • Mating the the pinblock
  • Duplex scaling
  • Rim hardwood inserts
  • Soundboard dead zone
  • Aluminum key bed video- side by side comparison
  • Speaking length rod
  • Pre-stressing the strings and action
  • Electrical gluing process
  • Lyre and leg room (perfecting the parts no one will ever see defines craftsmanship)
  • Chinese craftsmanship, belly man, observe the handcrafted work of the artisan
  • Final USA selection process
  • Book matched veneer

We are proud to present to you the Hailun Piano Story! Featuring the CEO of Hailun USA, Basilios Strmec, next to the award winning HU5P. With more than 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Hailun has become the standard for high quality piano manufacturing across the Far East. This uncompromising insistence to achieve maximum quality and product excellence has made Hailun the piano of choice for thousands all over the world!

Brigham Larson Pianos is proud to be Utah’s exclusive Hailun dealer, and to share the beauty of Hailun pianos with families all over the state. Stop by our store Monday through Saturday, 10am-6pm, to try out a Hailun piano for yourself!


MMR Featured Our Favorite Piano Line!

The Oyster and Its Pearl—Hailun and The Hailun Grand 178.  The Hailun Grand 178 has received Piano of the Year for the last three years! Christian Wissmuller, Executive Edditor for MMR Magazine, said regarding a past vote,

“This year, Hailun flat-out dominated. . . it was the HG178 grand piano heading to the winner’s circle.”

What accounts for Hailun’s popularity? The article tells how Basilios Strmec, President and Owner of Hailun, explained

“that if there’s one thing that Hailun excels at above all others, it’s the ability to make parts that fit perfectly.”

Innovation, which keeps Hailun thriving in today’s market, and team effort are the principles that contribute to Hailun’s success.

“The key for Hailun was always its ability to bring together a wide variety of experts from across the world,” says Strmec.