Hailun 218 Grand Piano Spreading Holiday Cheer!

hailun piano line of the year We recently went to the LDS Church office building to discuss the details of a partnership to offer a discount to church employees.  While we were there, we paused in the lobby to grab a photo next to this most amazing and beautiful instrument on the main floor of the church office building.  This Hailun 218 grand piano has been played in the lobby every day over the holidays to spread Christmas cheer. This is the same instrument selected by American Heritage School for their concert grand piano for their award winning Lyceum Orchestra and stage concert piano.  It is an exceptional instrument at 7’2″, currently the largest grand made by Hailun Pianos.  I loved this afternoon… wonderful date with my boss, my partner, my friend.  We love sharing life and business together.  I think we have had such great success because we have such a wonderful marriage and love to work together on anything, everything… family, work, church, kids, pianos, etc.  I’m grateful for our partnership and that we get to share such a beautiful mission with our children, “Helping to facilitate positive musical experiences for families”.  Fun to work together to promote that goal for others and for our own family.]]>