Goodbye to a Great Piano Teacher!

This week we say, “Goodbye!” to one of our amazing piano teachers: Do Kyung Oh. After working in Piano Academy for almost a year, it is time for Ms. Oh to move on. We are sad to see her go, but we are happy for the time she spent with us at the Conservatory!

Ms. Oh started working at Piano Academy about 10 months ago. She had just graduated from college with a degree in piano performance here in Utah, and needed to sell a piano. She looked in the Yellow Pages, and found “Brigham Larson Pianos” in Orem. Her mother and sister came to see the shop, and were able to ask about a potential internship teaching piano. Not long after, Do was interviewed and hired on for a job as a piano teacher at Piano Academy. “It was such a coincidence!” Ms. Oh says.

When asked what her favorite part about teaching at Piano Academy is, Ms. Oh said, “Uh, favorite thing? So many things!” One of Do’s favorite parts about Piano Academy is the ability to teach something different in each of the rooms. At Piano Academy, we focus on a rotation system. Do is qualified to teach in all of our private teaching rooms, which include the Solo Room, Pass-Off Room, and Technique Room. She mostly teaches in the pass-off and technique rooms.

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Ms. Oh’s future plans include dreams of stage managing, and teaching in her own private studio in her native Korea. She said she will miss the students at Piano Academy, and has been handing out candies to each of her students as a “Thank you” and “Goodbye” this week.

“I saw so many students who improved, not just with me but with other beautiful teachers,” Do said. “The most happiest time is always music store. The kids always work really hard. Those are the most memorable days!” We hope that she will have many more memorable days to come!

We sure will miss Ms. Oh!
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