We are Getting Back to our Roots!

Have you seen our pianos on State Street lately? We are getting back to our roots…. back in 2002-2004, Brigham was rebuilding pianos out of our 2 car garage on 9th East in Provo. As soon as he would finish, the two of us would get the piano on a dolly and roll it out to 9th East on the sidewalk with a little yellow for sale sign. They always sold within 2 days. We never had to advertise…. just put those newly refurbished pianos out on the street and wait for the doorbell to ring. I have fond memories of sharing chips and salsa or smoothies with piano enthusiasts at our kitchen table while Brigham told them about the work he had done to the piano out at the street. Now we are rolling them out to the street again….. State street instead of 9th East. Come on over and have a look! If you let me know you are coming… I can even have a smoothie waiting for you, just like old times!

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