Gathering Families Around the Piano

As a follow up to our earlier blog post from this week, we wanted to share this family musical experience! One way to have positive family musical experiences is to gather as a family around a piano. The Larson family shared this endearing video with us this week of their family gathering around a piano to sing together!

There are lots of ways to facilitate family musical experiences! An article we found this week listed at least five:

  1. Family Karaoke: Whether at a fun Karaoke place or in your home, doing Karoake is fun! It can be nerve-racking at first to sing in front of people, but once you start, it is hard to stop! Parents can introduce their children to songs they enjoyed singing and listening to when they were kids.
  2. Make music a game: if a song comes on the radio, the first one to say the artist wins! You could also learn the classical composers by listening to classical songs and trying to guess who composed it! Feel free to use our YouTube playlists for inspiration.
  3. Life is a musical: make normal conversations a song! Make up your own family songs at the piano or in the car as you are driving.
  4. Take music lessons with your child: Have you always wanted to learn the piano? Take piano lessons WITH your child. You will find it a great motivator to help you practice! Then you can start that family ensemble or band you always dreamed of.
  5. Family Concert Night: Whether it is singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, playing a pop song on the guitar, performing a classical piece on the piano, or any other performing art, when you perform together as a family, you have fun together!

What musical things do you do as a family? How and when do you gather around a piano as a family? We’d love to hear! Share your stories in the comments on our Facebook page or Instagram!