Fall Recital

Our Fall recitals this past Saturday were so much fun! We had so many students ready to perform that we had to split the programs up into three different recitals. We were lucky enough to be able to take a picture with each group of students, as well as some of the teachers, after each recital.






nov 7-2 nov 7-3

Okay, so maybe we didn’t get everyone looking at once…but they’re still a good-looking bunch of students!
We’re blessed to be able to hold recitals here at the Conservatory four times a year. Our students get plenty of performance opportunities and can play in a formal recital every three months if they prepare well! Most of our beginning students do perform in every recital; the more advanced ones have longer pieces that sometimes take a little longer to learn.
As a teacher, the couple of weeks leading up to the recitals are pretty stressful. Trust me, we think about and pray for your kids a LOT during that time – that they will prepare well, that they’ll perform the best they can, and especially that they will enjoy doing it. But all the stress and worry is SO worth it in the end. I love being able to see my students celebrate what they’ve learned through performing and especially the light in their eyes when they’re finished. So congrats to all the students who performed this weekend… and we’ll see you in February!