I don’t like the way my piano sounds!

If you do not like the sound of your piano-we know how to help!

One of the best things you can do for your piano to keep it sounding great is to schedule regular piano tunings-which will keep the pitch of your piano correct. But what if the “tone” of your piano isn’t sounding the way you would like it to? There is a procedure called “voicing” or “tone regulating” that can be done to fix this!

Every new and used piano has a unique voice and this can be modified by a piano technician to fit your liking.  For instance, if you were a classical pianist, you may want a more dark and rich tone. If you were a jazz pianist-you may want a more lively, bright tone for your piano.  Or maybe the tone in the lower half of your piano varies from the top half-this is another thing that can be fixed by voicing.   

Another reason you may want to consider  voicing is your piano’s unique “voice” can fade with time and use, hiding the true coloring and shading of your instrument.  A wide range of expression becomes difficult, if not impossible to bring out when you play.  An example of this is if your grand piano has lost it’s ability to play softly, or if the tone in your grand or upright piano varies significantly from note to note.

If you are finding your piano isn’t sounding as “bright” as it did when you purchased it, or you would like to make some changes in your piano’s tone, give us a call at 801-701-0113 or visit us at brighamlarsonpianos.com.  Our expert piano technicians can ensure that the voice of your piano’s tone is even from the lowest to the highest notes and can make the adjustments needed so you can enjoy your piano again!  We also offer a variety of new and used pianos to buy or rent! 
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