Congratulations to Abby on her solo recital!

Here at the Piano Academy, we believe that performing is one of the best parts about learning to play the piano – and our students get to do it often! Besides our quarterly Community Outreach performances and formal Piano Academy recitals, students who have learned several pieces have the option to prepare for a solo recital of up to an hour of music. Abby completed her first solo recital last weekend and had a great experience!


Here’s what Abby shared about her experience:

“Doing my own solo recital this year was an amazing experience.  From picking the pieces, preparing, and performing, I learned and improved both my musical skills and performance ability so much.  Having a real goal to work towards also really helped me to practice harder, with a purpose.  All in all, it was really influential for me and I had a lot of fun doing it!”


Abby is a student of both the piano and the harp, so she played half of her recital on the harp and the other half on the piano – a total of 10 solo pieces! While a concert like this takes a lot of preparation, the rewards of such a big accomplishment are absolutely worth it. We are so proud of Abby’s hard work and perseverance and have loved seeing her confidence grow. We’ll be looking forward to the next one!