Congratulations to New Piano Owner Jen!

Congratulations Jen on your new piano!  Actually, your OLD piano that is about to made “like new”!  Jen chose one of our antique pianos from our “Pre-Sale Gallery”  We have hundreds of pianos to choose from and she loved the selection and options.  Jen is an interior designer and so the freedom of selecting a piano from the pre-sale gallery was really appealing to her.  This means that the piano is not yet refurbished or refinished, and so she was able to customize her price (do you want to spend your dollars more on the interior, exterior, or both?) She was also able to select the finish color to match her living room design vision.

Come and have a look at our pre-sale gallery and maybe you, too, will find that gem of a piano that you can customize and make selections for that will be just the perfect fit for your home and family.  If you need help with ideas… maybe we can hook you up with Jen! (This was actually a Christmas surprise for her family and so we delayed this post a bit…) Congratulations Jen and family!