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Performing as a Teacher

Our Piano Academy recitals were this past Saturday, and they went so well! Even though recitals are a lot of work for me and the students, they are so fun. I absolutely love seeing my students perform. They often surprise me and surpass my expectations by how well they play. I was so proud of […]

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Community Outreach Recital

At the Utah Piano Conservatory, we provide students with many opportunities to serve by using the skills they learn here. We hold quarterly community outreach recitals where we schedule time at nursing/retirement homes for the students to perform for the residents of these homes. Our most recent outreach performance was held this past Saturday at […]

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After a Recital

Most students prepare a piece for several months before actually performing it at a recital, so after the recital, many students may be thinking: “Now that I’m done with my piece, what do I do?” The weeks following a recital performance can be a great opportunity for students to review goals and set new ones for the […]

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What a “Bad” Performance Taught Me About Practicing Piano

I’ve been practicing piano and performing for a lot of years (more years than most of our students have been alive!), so I’ve had a wide range of experiences when it comes to performing—from terrible to great and everything in between. While I’d say performing has almost always been a positive experience for me, sometimes things […]

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