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The Top 3 Myths About Taking Piano Lessons Online

Like teachers and studio owners across the world, we are currently offering piano lessons online. While it hasn’t been an easy ride, we’re definitely learning a TON. We went from “carefully sanitized” in-person lessons to online lessons within about a day! As we’ve made this transition, we’ve been experimenting and problem-solving right along with our […]

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What Learning to Knit Taught Me About Teaching Piano

I recently wrote a post about learning to play the ukulele and how that has influenced my piano teaching. This post has a similar feel to it. Since graduating with my Master’s degree last April, I’ve taken up several new hobbies because I now have time for such things, and it is interesting how these […]

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SMART Musical Goals

What is the number one most commonly discussed subject this time of year? Goal setting! People are making goals to eat less, read more, increase their organization and decrease their debt. Hopefully, all of our students are thinking about what they want to accomplish in their piano studies this year. Goal setting is important for […]

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Don’t Wait for Carnegie Hall: Recognizing Achievement in Young Piano Students

By McKenna Rammell, Assistant Director I believe recognizing achievement early equals SUCCESS for piano students. Celebrating milestones means students gain confidence and are more likely to succeed at other life activities they choose. Many of us think the success of piano lessons comes after years of hard work: the”Carnegie Hall” moment. For instance, when a […]

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Piano Lessons from Delgado/Mauler Duo

This past Saturday, Piano Academy hosted the orientation for our Duet Summer Program! Mrs. Delgado and Mrs. Mauler were pleased to talk with parents and students about the upcoming program, set to officially begin June 28th. They also demonstrated their skills by playing a few duets. We are very excited to have the Delgado/Mauler duo […]

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Lessons from Award-Winning Piano Teachers

Do not miss this dynamic duet duo! Starting May 6th, Utah Piano Conservatory will be hosting the Duet Summer Program, which includes private piano lessons from the award-winning Delgado/Mauler duo. All students with at least 1 year of piano lessons are eligible. This includes Piano Academy students. Tiffany Delgado and Hilary Mauler are the first place winners of the Ellis Piano Duo […]

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Welcome Ammon Doman – Jazz Piano Program Director

We are excited to introduce Ammon Doman, our newest faculty member at UPC. He is the new program director for Jazz Piano Studies. He is accepting private and group piano students as well as leading our summer jazz piano program. Welcome Ammon !   Learn more about Ammon on his faculty bio page HERE ! […]

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Virtue of November

This month I feel like we have so much to be grateful for. Not just because it’s Thanksgiving, but because our wonderful students had the opportunity to perform in incredible recitals this past weekend! They worked their little fingers and sacrificed time to practice and prepare. I am so grateful for music in my life. […]

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Liszt- The Justin Bieber of Classical Music!

So maybe Justin Bieber isn’t the best comparison, but Bieber Fever definitely is! Franz Liszt was the first ever rock star. Men and Women would throw themselves at him, just trying to touch his clothes. One lady went so far as to have his old cigar bud picked up off the street where he had […]

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