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Performing as a Teacher

Our Piano Academy recitals were this past Saturday, and they went so well! Even though recitals are a lot of work for me and the students, they are so fun. I absolutely love seeing my students perform. They often surprise me and surpass my expectations by how well they play. I was so proud of […]

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Community Outreach Recital

At the Utah Piano Conservatory, we provide students with many opportunities to serve by using the skills they learn here. We hold quarterly community outreach recitals where we schedule time at nursing/retirement homes for the students to perform for the residents of these homes. Our most recent outreach performance was held this past Saturday at […]

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5 Ways to Encourage Piano Practice Over Christmas Break

Can you believe it’s halfway through December?? The holidays are FLYING by. And while we definitely believe in taking some time to relax and just celebrate, Christmas is also a great time to reinvigorate your child’s interest in piano lessons. Here are five ways you can encourage piano practice over Christmas break! 1. Enjoy lots […]

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December Student of the Month: Ava R

Congratulations to Ava R, our December Student of the Month! Each month we like to recognize a student who is both a great piano student and a wonderful example of our monthly “Virtue for Virtuosos.” This month’s highlighted attribute is SENSITIVITY. We love how music teaches kids to pay attention to the emotions they are feeling […]

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Coming Soon: Our Outreach Recital!

But why do we do an Outreach Recital four times a year? First of all, it gives the students the chance to practice performing. Anyone who has ever performed anything for an audience knows that a performance requires a totally different mindset and different skills than practicing does. Sometimes our brains can do funny things […]

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