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What Learning to Knit Taught Me About Teaching Piano

I recently wrote a post about learning to play the ukulele and how that has influenced my piano teaching. This post has a similar feel to it. Since graduating with my Master’s degree last April, I’ve taken up several new hobbies because I now have time for such things, and it is interesting how these […]

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Bachfest: A Celebration of Bach’s 334th Birthday

The great Baroque composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, was born on March 21st, 1685, meaning that this past Thursday was his 334th birthday. For several years now, the Brigham Young University School of Music has celebrated his birthday by participating in the “Bach in the Subways” project. This movement began in 2010, when cellist Dale Henderson […]

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Performing as a Teacher

Our Piano Academy recitals were this past Saturday, and they went so well! Even though recitals are a lot of work for me and the students, they are so fun. I absolutely love seeing my students perform. They often surprise me and surpass my expectations by how well they play. I was so proud of […]

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