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This Month in History: Famous Composers’ Birthdays

At Piano Academy, we celebrate a different composer every month by listening to their music and learning about their life. This month we’re focusing on Sergei Prokofiev, a super cool Russian composer who lived in the first half of the 20th century. It turns out his birthday is this month! So that got us thinking… […]

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Why YOU Should Listen to Classical Music

A while ago, we shared some of the benefits of playing classical music—language development, higher test scores, and higher IQ among them. But you don’t have to take lessons to reap the benefits of classical music—just listening to it has been observed to have some amazing side effects, as well! Here are some of the benefits […]

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Rachmaninoff in Utah: Connections Made by a Piano Teacher

Rachmaninoff in Utah–Connections Made by a Piano Teacher   by Eleasah Halsmer, Piano Academy Faculty At Piano Academy, each month is dedicated to a different classical composer. The students learn about their life and music in the theory lab during their piano lessons. Our piano teachers will play songs by the composer of the month […]

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